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Why become a volunteer&

Updated: May 4, 2019

The Haverstraw and Hospitality Center is a not for profit organization based at 13 Depot Place in the Village of Haverstraw with a focus of creating new events, highlighting existing ones and helping to promote tourism in general. We were initially formulated for communication among the Haverstraw Landlords and Haverstraw business owners. The Haverstraw Hospitality & Tourism Center A.K.A. (The Information Station) is the central location for visitors to Haverstraw. Located at the "Old Caboose", visitors learn about the Village and what Haverstraw has to offer; to include culture, architecture, people, restaurants, housing, park’s, The Majestic Hudson River and the Village's vast history. The Information Station will host events, such as the Railroad Square Market, and act as the marketing arm of the Village in order to make Haverstraw a destination location for visitors from all over Rockland County and beyond

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